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Weapon Accuracy Endorsements decrease the natural "spread" that most weapons exhibit when firing. This decreases the area that shots are scattered when firing. The most visible effect of these endorsements is a size reduction for weapon aiming reticules.

Any weapon that does not need to be aimed does not benefit from these endorsements. These include the Assassin's blades, the Support's Heal/Hurt gun and the Sniper's rifle (when scoped).

These endorsements do not improve the accuracy of skill based projectiles such as the Tank's product grenade.

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
Grandma Betty's symbol Stevenson Family Organ Farms symbol Iturba symbol
Grandma Betty's Stevenson Family Organ Farms Iturba
Accuracy +20%

Grandma Betty's, the Old Fashioned way to aim.

When Grandma Betty has a problem, you can bet the police don’t hear about it. And when she' ’s shooting from that far away, neither do her victims- until it's too late, 'cause Grandma Betty hits the bull's-eye every time, no matter how far away she’s concealed.

Accuracy +35%

Voted ‘The Best Organic Organ Farm’ in Illinois. Try their free range livers!!

Experience hours of enjoyment including tractor rides, a corn maze, a haunted fun barn and acres and acres of the best farm raised genetically modified organs for transplant money can buy.

Accuracy +50%

Inturba by Martel Pierre. Kill with confidence.

The eye. The attraction. The hunger. The shot placement! Iturba by Martell Pierre.