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Class Type Enforcer
Difficulty 4 (Moderately Easy)
Primary Weapon
Flying Falcon
Secondary Weapon
Hot Seat
Skill 1 Ka-Claw
Skill 2 Skid-row Throw
Skill 3 Freight Train

Classed under the enforcer category, the Veteran (Voiced by Greg Stackhouse) is a melee-oriented pro with a high health capacity and relatively high damage output when in hand-to-hand combat. His primary weapon fires semi-homing laser eagles at enemy bots and Pros, dealing a fair amount of damage over a long period of time. The Veterans secondary weapon is a melee, in the shape of a stool with some very nasty spikes protruding from it. This weapon also grants a grapple and a dash ability to the Veteran when selected.

The Veteran truly shines in melee combat, with his three primary skills focusing on getting close to the enemy Pros in order to get in arms reach, and promptly endangering said Pro's physical well-being with a series of grapples. Case in point is the Ka-Claw skill, which can reach out and grab hostile Pros quickly pulling them towards the Veteran, allowing him and his team-mates to go to town on the poor, now out of position, player.


From Pittsburgh's Skid Row to sold out arenas all over the world and back again, Victor Lisowski, who earned the nickname "The Veteran" after his stint during the U.S. intervention in the war between Madagascar and Greenland, shone as one of professional wrestling's brightest stars. Known for his massive form, dark charisma and intense yet deliberate psychological attacks during interviews, the Veteran scared (and delighted) audiences for over five decades until the volume of stitches, broken bones, pinched nerves and knee replacements proved too much to endure, even for "the man with the hundred megaton biceps".

As the world of wrestling moved on, the Veteran waged mat wars under an increasingly smaller spotlight until his retirement match, which was held in the same gymnasium where he had trained at as a rookie (now a nightclub called "Rawhides").

As it is with all true heroes however, Lisowski would never be forgotten. His legend endured long after his passing, and when Monday Night Combat issued a poll to its fans to see which deceased figure from history they'd like to see cloned, the Veteran was the overwhelming favourite, beating former child actor Tiffany Brissette (who played Vicki the Robot on the 20th century episodic television show "Small Wonder") and George Washington, respectively.

Pro Career[]

  • Joined the 3,000 "Kill Club" faster than any SMNC Pro in history.
  • Was the impetus for the "no psychological warfare during overtime" rule.
  • Once scared a Bouncer to death.

Notable DNA[]

  • Victor Lisowski, Army veteran, former professional wrestler and meat packer.


  • Among his key weapons are his two fists, which together he has nicknamed "Cruel but Fair".
  • Won 500 cans of radiation-free mole crickets for his favorite charity, The Hopegood House, on the game show $10,000 Food Pyramid.
  • Shares his home with a 13-year-old giraffe named Lynette.


  • Dog tracks, the crunch of bone, Polish barmaids


  • The piano player at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, unsalted popcorn.


Flying Falcon[]

A pistol-like weapon with a holographic image of a falcon's head. Fires semi-homing energy bursts at a high rate of speed.

  • Alternate Fire: Creates a small shockwave in the Veteran's location similar to the Gunner's Ground Slam.

Hot Seat[]

A standby from the Veteran's cagematch days, the Hot Seat is spiked bar-stool which serves as the Veteran's melee weapon. Attempting to reload with this weapon will make the Veteran lunge.

  • Alternate Fire: Grapple Attack



The Veteran's Flying Falcon tosses out an energy claw that grabs enemy Pros and pulls them towards him. This proves especially helpful against an Enforcer's biggest foils: Strikers and Commandos. Ka-Claw counters the high mobility of the lighter classes, allowing the Veteran to pull the more agile Pros into his short, but very dangerous reach.

Skid Row Throw[]

The Veteran's most popular wrestling move, which clobbers the enemy with an uppercut, and then drop-kicks them at a remarkable distance. The Skid Row Throw is well-suited for scoring some easy Ring Outs on enemy Pros, but is effectively useless against most bots with an exception to Bouncers and Jackbots.

Freight Train[]

Also called Pain Train, the Veteran uses his jet-pack to charge forward, crashing through enemy bots and grappling Pros. This skill is tailor-made for plowing through enemy bot offensives and closing the distance to take out a supporting Defender.


This page covers all unique weapons, taunts and gear for this pro.

Main article: Veteran Customization


  • Between his taunting, his build, and his general appearance, the Veteran seems to be inspired by, if not heavily based on, semi-retired pro wrestler Big Van Vader.
  • In the Veteran's taunt "Hi Boys" he states "I'm the oldest hooker on the block", with hooker being censored out. This is a reference to his ability to "hook" in pros via Ka-Claw as well as the carnival term for catch-as-catch-can wrestler with a legitimate mat wrestling background who would use a variety of holds (or "hooks") to force their opponent to forfeit.
  • The Veteran bears some resembalance to the DotA hero Pudge; both Pudge and Veteran have a "hook" skill and specialize in locking down enemies after hooking them.


  • "Time to HIT the button of no return!"
  • "Forget the moneyballs. Give up now, and I won't kill your PETS after the match."
  • "Just once, I'd like to get these guys in an electric, barb-wire cage match."
  • "Stuck on a team with a bunch of jabronis!"
  • "We got our hands around their turkey necks! All we have to do, is squeeze."
  • "I am the uncrowned champion, of Super MNC!"
  • "I'm a master, at the art of mayhem. A sculpter of savagery! A painter of pain."
  • "There is no defence! There is only attack, attack, and ATTACK some more!"
  • Stepping onto the field of combat with me is like stepping into a hurricane!"
  • Be warned! I neither give, nor take any quarter."


Update History[]

Rule Changes: 28 - 3/8/12

  • New Weapons: Hot Seat: Sunburst, Merry Metal, Teamspirit Blush, Berry Blush, Teamspirit Steel, Twilight, Tea Seat
  • Hot Seat: Damage: 88 -> 79

Rule Changes: 27 - 3/1/12

  • Ka-Klaw: Being Ka-Klawed now limits air control.
  • Ka-Klaw: When the pull would normaly fail, the skill now throws the player towards the Veteran using physics.
  • Ka-Klaw: Removed the 1/2 usage mechanic. Now works like a regular skill.

Rule Changes: 25 - 2/23/12

  • Health: 1550 -> 1400
  • Hot Seat: Damage: 76 -> 88
  • New Taunt: Tea Time
  • Freight Train: Recovery Time: 20/14/10/7.5 -> 15/10/7.5/6
  • Freight Train: 50/150/200/250 -> 100/200/250/300

Rule Changes: 23 - 2/10/12

  • Fixed Tank lines sometimes being spoken after an assist.

Rule Changes: 22 - 2/09/12

  • New Uniform: Heartbreaker.
  • New Taunt: Valentine

Rule Changes: 21 - 2/02/12

  • Freight Train/Lunge: Fixed using jump jets to go farther than intended. (for realz this time)
  • Flying Falcons: Alt Fire Slam: Fixed cooldown not working.
  • Hot Seat: Fixed not getting Critical Shot bonuses.

Rule Changes: 20 - 1/26/12

  • New Taunt: Hi Boys
  • Hot Seat: Fixed lunge used in conjuntion with his jump jets to gain massive distance.

Rule Changes: 19 - 1/19/12

  • Base Health: 1690 -> 1550
  • Death Bell Taunt: Fixed missing description.
  • Action Hero Taunt: Adjusted Veteran's walk
  • New Uniform: Fairy Tale

Rule Changes: 18 - 1/12/12

  • New Taunts: Action Hero, Adjustment, Death Bell
  • Fixed Veteran from being able to use jump jets and charge to go farther than intended.
  • Ka-Claw: Improved the pull code so that pulls will succeed from much farther away.
  • Ka-Claw: Fixed Ka-Claw colliding with his Flying Falcons
  • Ka-Claw: Now slows for the duration of the pull. Done in case target is deflected via player, bot or map geometry, they are still slowed for a short period.
  • Split Alt Fire abilities on both weapons so that they have separate cool downs.

Rule Changes: 17 - 1/5/12

  • Added new damage/kill icons for all of Veteran's damage.
  • New Taunt: Abyss

Rule Changes: 16 - 12/21/11

  • Added bio
  • Added new Veteran voice

Rule Changes: 15 - 12/13/11

  • New Uniform: Luchadeer

Rule Changes: 14 - 12/08/11

  • Flying Falcons: Fixed weapon and projectiles not being team colored.
  • Ka-Claw: Fixed some issues with the ability being pressed but not going off because the server and client were out of sync
  • New Uniform: Santa Claw

Rule Changes: 12 - 12/01/11

  • Health Recovery (seconds): 90 -> 160
  • Ka-Claw: Improved some instances where targets would shoot up into the air.

Update 11 - 11/22/11

  • Health: 1875 -> 1690
  • New Uniform: “Legs of Thanks”

Update 10 - 10/17/11

  • Health: 1600 -> 1875
  • Flying Falcon: Damage: 44 -> 46
  • Hot Seat: Damage: 72 -> 76
  • Ka-Claw: Fixed issue with Veteran getting stuck in place if he uses Ka-Claw in the spawn room.

Update 8 - 11/10/11

  • Pain Train: Fixed Bot damage and non-grappled player damage.
  • Ka-Claw: Fixed it not firing straight out in front of the Veteran.
  • Ka-Claw: Now pulls victim in front of the Veteran rather than on top.
  • Ka-Claw: Chain now breaks off and claw only does damage if target is too far away.
  • Ka-Claw: Veteran can now move a little earlier during the pull.
  • Flying Falcons: Damage: 40 -> 44
  • Hot Seat: Damage: 65 -> 72

Update 7 - 11/3/11

  • Added new death and spawn music

Update 5 - 10/21/11

  • Fixed Pain Train from doing damage twice

Update 4 - 10/20/11

  • Ka-Claw: Cooldown 30/15/10/7.5 -> 20/14/10/7.5
  • Skid Row Throw: Cooldown: 60/30/20/15 -> 40/26/20/15
  • Pain Train: Cooldown: 30/15/10/7.5 -> 20/14/10/7.5

Update 3 - 10/13/11

  • Pros now play a unique animation when getting pulled by the Ka-Claw
  • Falcon Damage: 50 -> 40
  • Falcon Damage Radius:256 -> 128

Update 2 - 10/06/11

  • Falcon tracking radius decreased, tracking modified to hit targets a little better
  • Decreased Hot Seat damage
  • Fixed Veteran Ka-Claw hooking deployed Gunners and tossing them straight up in the air
  • Alt fire on Flying Falcon now properly slows and damages

Update 1 - 09/29/11

  • Veteran Ka-Claw now consumes half the skill when fired and the other half if the Ka-Claw grabs a victim and does it all with a new visual effect
  • Veteran: Decreased cooldowns on all Grapples
  • Veteran: Increased damage done by Falcon weapon