Monday Night Combat Wiki

A Tank surveys a Longshot and LazerBlazer

Turrets can be purchased by Pros at turret foundations found in fixed locations in each arena. There are four types of turret: the Lazer Blazer, Long Shot, ShaveIce, and RockIt. Separate from these is the Support's Firebase which sports a small gatling gun of its own.


Every arena has a number of turret "nubs" positioned in various places around each team's Moneyball. Players can build one of four turrets on those nubs to defend the area surrounding them. To build a Turret on an empty Nub, walk up to it and press the Use key (Down on the D-Pad on the 360, F on Steam). You will then be given a menu displaying the different Turrets available. This operates like the Skill Picker. You move your controller towards the desired turret and press A to confirm. Also like the Skill Picker, the Steam version assigns numeric hotkeys to each turret, in the same clockwise fashion: Long Shot is 1, LazerBlazer is 2, RockIt is 3, and ShaveIce is 4. Each turret differs in a number of ways: puchase cost, erection time, and their attributes. Once the turret is built, it can be upgraded twice at an increasing cost each time using the same Use action; note that each upgrade creates another delay (longer than the last one) before the Turret comes back online. A turret can not be sold and can not be replaced unless the enemy destroys it. When a turret is destroyed, the nub will remain unusable for about 60 seconds, after which the rubble of the old turret will be replaced with a clean Nub ready to accept a new Turret.

Turrets (Artwork)


Lazer Blazer

  • Low Direct Damage (x8 against bots)
  • Low Armor
  • Low Cost

BUILD Level 1 ($25)

Health: 1500
Build Time: 2 seconds
Damage: 6 per shot
Fire Interval: 0.2 seconds
Sight Range: 1408

Level 2 ($50)

Health: 3000
Upgrade Time: 3 seconds
Damage: 7 per shot
Fire Interval: 0.2 seconds
Sight Range: 1664

Level 3 ($100)

Health: 4500
Upgrade Time: 4 seconds
Damage: 10 per shot
Fire Interval: 0.2 seconds
Sight Range: 1920


  • Slowing Aura
  • High Armor
  • Moderate Cost

BUILD Level 1 ($100)

Health: 5000 (Same as a RockIt turret level 1)
Fire Interval: 2.5 seconds
Range: 1408
Slow Multiplier: 0.8x
Slow Duration: 1 second

Level 2 ($200)

Upgrade Time: 5 seconds
Health: 10000
Fire Interval: 2.0 seconds
Range: 1408
Slow Multiplier: 0.75x
Slow Duration: 1 second

Level 3 ($400)

Upgrade Time: 8 seconds
Health: 15000
Fire Interval: 1.0 seconds
Range: 1408
Slow Multiplier: 0.6x
Slow Duration: 1 second

Long Shot

  • High Lobbing Damage (x5 against bots)
  • Low Armor
  • Long Range
  • Medium Cost

BUILD Level 1 ($75)

Health: 1000
Damage: 60
Radius: 256
Fire Interval: 4 seconds
Range: 3584

Level 2 ($150)

Health: 2000
Upgrade Time: 5 seconds
Damage: 60
Radius: 256
Fire Interval: 2 seconds
Range: 4096

Level 3 ($300)

Health: 4000
Upgrade Time: 10 seconds
Damage: 60
Radius: 256
Fire Interval: 1 second
Range: 4608


  • High Direct Damage (x3 against bots)
  • High Armor
  • High Cost

BUILD Level 1 ($150)

Health: 5000
Damage: 160
Radius: 96
Fire Interval: 1.0 second
Sight Range: 1408

Level 2 ($300)

Health: 8000
Upgrade Time: 10 seconds
Damage: 160
Radius: 96
Fire Interval: 0.75 seconds
Sight Range: 1664

Level 3 ($600)

Health: 13000
Upgrade Time: 15 seconds
Damage: 160
Radius: 96
Fire Interval: 0.5 seconds
Sight Range: 1920


  • Any Pro Kills made by a Turret will go to the last Pro to erect or upgrade it. Kills made by the RockIts at the start of a Crossfire match will go uncredited unless upgraded or replaced following destruction. Turret Kills made by Long Shots work similarly. Pros are not credited for Bots killed by Turrets unless it's a Firebase (in which case credit goes to the Support who erected it).
  • Lazer Blazer turrets are a makeshift defense, but when upgraded to Level 3, they will kill most bots with no problem.
  • Long Shot turrets that have been hacked by a support class, on most maps, can start shelling the enemy base.
  • Hacked RockIt turrets can pose quite a problem to enemy Pros, but they cost the most and take the most time to erect.
  • ShaveIce turrets have the ability to partially reveal cloaked Assassins and Gremlins.
  • Having different kinds of turrets around your base helps to maximize the abilities of each turret. For example, ShaveIce and Laser Blazer turrets eliminate close-up bots quickly.
  • The Jackbot has no problem with destroying your $1,000 turret investment, so try to kill it before it closes on your base.
  • Upgrading a turret returns its armor value to 100%. However, it will not keep the Overheal bonus from a Support when upgraded.
  • It is possible to have two turrets hacked at the same time. Use this to your advantage.
  • Hacked turrets will stay hacked, even when upgraded.
    • This applies to turrets you built that the enemy hacked. Don't think you can get your turret back by upgrading it.
  • You will still earn the turret Protags which require you to build a certain number of them in either Blitz or Crossfire, even if you leave the game early.

Super MNC (All information below is useless due to SMNC no longer existing)[]

Turrets are a team's most important line of defense, as they have a large amount of HP and bot-slaying power. Unlike in Classic MNC, turrets may not be built, rebuilt, repaired, nor can they regenerate their life over time. There are currently three turrets in each lane: A level 2 Lazer Blazer at the earliest stages, which is usally taken down early on, a level 3 Lazer Blazer that is usually in a trickier position and posesses more HP and power, and a level 3 RockIt turret, snugged behind a wall near its other-lane counterpart and protecting the moneyball, with even higher HP and power.

Turrets can not be hurt whenever a glowing, white grid texture is on them, A.K.A. they're shielded. To remove the shield, a bot must attack it, similar to bringing down a Moneyball--however, the bot will not sacrifice itself. When its shields are down, the turret is vulnerable for a length of time--Lay down the hurt!

Circumventing Turrets[]

There is a number of ways to get past a turret or make an opening for easy attacking. Most skills that stun will do this, as well as certain skills that open an opportunity in different ways. Such skills are:

-The Veteran's primary alt fire will stun bots and turrets if they're caught in it--this is risky, however since it has little cooldown, it can serve as a free kill when done right.

-The Assassin's cloak will make a turret ignore her, allowing her to easily gank an enemy running to their spawn or slash the turret itself to death.

-Karl's Short Circuit is also capable of stunning a turret.

-Tank's Product Grenade at level 3 will stun an unshielded turret and, at level 4, heavily damage it, assuming every split of the grenade hits.