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This article is about the Tank class skill. For the similar Gunner skill, see Gunner Deploy.
Pro's Information
Used by: Tank
Slot: Two (Yellow)
Skill Type: Deployment
Skill Levels
Level 1: Become Immobile to gain Toughness, Firepower
Level 2: Increased Health Recovery while Deployed
Level 3: Increased Health Recovery and Ammo Recovery while Deployed

Deploy is a skill shared between the Tank and the Gunner, allowing them to regenerate health while firing their respective weapons farther than usual.

In the case of the Tank, he uses his Jet Gun, which while deployed, has its range significantly boosted. In deployed mode, the Tank can only rotate in a 180-degree arc directly in front of him, and cannot move, jump, fly, or use their Jet Charge or Death Blossom attacks. However, his rear is not entirely undefended, as he can fire his jump-jets to keep enemy Bots and Pros, especially Assassins, away from his blind spot.

Additionally, the Tank's armor is significantly stronger while deployed, and thus can take much more punishment. In addition to resisting damage, any hits registered against a Deployed Tank are converted into Juice; the amount of damage is irrelevant, only the number of hits matter. Hits from enemy Pros add some Juice, but significantly more is gained from absorbing the attacks of enemy Bots and Turrets, which encourages the Tank to act as a 'fire-wall' between his team and the enemy team's automated defenses.

To augment the Tank's hardened armor, his Health Recovery is also boosted while deployed, ensuring that any hits he does take while immobile are quickly shrugged off. A Tank in a low-threat area with critical health can briefly Deploy to recover, and prepare for a counter-attack. With the Level 2 upgrade, Deploy's Health Recovery buff increases further. At Level 3, this Recovery bonus extends to the Tank's ammunition, allowing him to regenerate ammo without reloading. This bonus extends to both the Jet Gun and the Railgun. In Super Monday Night Combat the Tanks deploy skill was scrapped, It was then replaced with a shield that the tank could use to protect him from a specific target.