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Class Type Enforcer
Difficulty 5 (Moderate)
Primary Weapon Jet Engine Gun symbol transparent.png
Jet Gun
Secondary Weapon Laser Railgun symbol transparent.png
Rail Gun
Skill 1 Tankshld.jpg Tank Shield
Skill 2 Tankchrg.jpg Tank Charge
Skill 3 Tankprod.jpg Product Grenade

The Tank (Voiced by Colby Chester) is one of the six classic Monday Night Combat pros, now participating in Super Monday Night Combat.

With his short range, high damage, high health, and slow footspeed, the Tank is the very definition of the Enforcer class.

Official Bio[]

The Tank is a modern day grunt, a blue-collar warrior who is fearless in battle and who relishes his role as the point of attack. On the field of combat he is gruff, crude and doesn't care who knows it.

Off the field however he is as vulnerable and sensitive as they come. He has a great deal of insecurity regarding his size, looks and lack of social graces especially with the opposite sex. The Tank's genetic make up hails from the Midwest; he is down to earth and is somewhat opposed to new ideas or change. He loves the thrill of the kill and the crush of bone under his feet. He is far more comfortable on the field than off.

Pro Career[]

  • Earned Defensive Player of the Year Honors after posting twenty or more kills on his team's side of the field in nine games.
  • Finished the last season without allowing a single bot onto his side of the field for four games straight.
  • Set a new record for knockback at 7.3 meters.

Notable DNA - Ray Lewis, Jesse Ventura, Kimbo Slice


  • Leads the annual "Ride for Life" which raises funds to find a cure for the Apocolypse virus using Outlanders.
  • Plans to start a career as a bareknuckle brawler after retiring from Monday Night Combat.
  • Practices slow dancing with a broom.

Likes: barbrawls, women with tattoos, compliments

Dislikes: pretty boys, acid reflux, being alone on romantic holidays


Jet Gun[]

The Jet Gun is a high-velocity flamethrower, built out of a turbine engine. It does great damage at close range, but cannot hit anything beyond a certain distance. Enemies burnt by the Jet Gun's blast will continue to burn for several seconds afterwards, negating health regeneration and potentially killing them.

  • Alternate Fire: The Tank's patented 'Death-Blossom' spin attack, which attacks every enemy directly adjacent to the Tank, dealing damage based on the ammo left in the jet gun's clip. Doing so will activate a timer separate from the tank's grapple which must end before the death blossom may be performed again.

Rail Gun[]

The Rail Gun is the Tank's secondary weapon, which fires a rail of 'liquid flame', dealing moderate damage and piercing enemies. It fires slowly, and is better recommended as a finishing weapon to pick off enemies from afar than to use in direct combat.

  • Alternate Fire: A grapple throw, which deals damage and flings enemies. It operates on a separate timer than the Tank's Death-Blossom.


Tank Shield[]

The Tank's Deploy maneuver is replaced by the Tank Shield, which stays in place between the Tank and a single enemy, negating bullet damage and some Area-of-Effect damage. The shield will last until it absorbs a set amount of damage or 30 seconds pass. May target Pros or Turrets.

Upgrading Tank Shield increases the maximum damage tolerance as well as decreases cooldown.

Threshold: 750/900/1000/1200
Cooldown: 40/26/20/15

Tank Charge[]

The Tank fires his jetpack and charges forward, plowing through enemy Bots and knocking back enemy Pros. Charges can potentially ring out Pros on the enemy team.

Upgrading Tank Charge increases charge damage and decreases cooldown. Damage also increases with Pro level.

Cooldown: 20/14/10/7.5

Product Grenade[]

Does explosive damage, as well as stun bots and blind Pros with its Spam advertising, while having an additional feature of grenade split at Level 4.

Upgrading Product Grenade adds the blind/stun and splitting effects, as well as decreases cooldown. Damage also increases with Pro level.

Damage: 75/150/225/225
Cooldown: 20/14/10/7.5

Update History[]

Rule Change: 31 - 4/04/12

  • New Uniform: Tank PAX
  • Product Grenade: Upgrade level 4 now spawns secondary grenades in a set pattern.
  • Product Grenade: Now turns off Assault's Fly.
  • Product Grenade: Fixed ad splash showing for spectating players.

Rule Changes: 28 - 3/8/12

  • New Weapons: Jet Gun: Sunburst, Twilight
  • New Weapons: Rail Gun: Sunburst, Twilight

Rule Changes: 27 - 3/1/12

  • Product Grenade: Fixed incorrect information about the Ad Splash happening at upgrade level 3.

Rule Changes: 25 - 2/23/12

  • New Taunt: Tea Time

Rule Changes: 24 - 2/16/12

  • Improved face skinning
  • Fixed looking down and left on the win podium.

Rule Changes: 22 - 2/09/12

  • New Uniform: Heartbreaker
  • New Taunt: Valentine
  • Base Health: 1550 -> 1500
  • Jet Gun: Range: 704 -> 896
  • Jet Gun: Full Damage Range: 704 -> 256 (Once again does more damage the closer to the muzzle)
  • Rail Gun: Damage: 66 -> 75
  • Product Grenade: Changed to a throw animation so that it's more consitent with other skills.
  • Product Grenade: Now does stun and "ad splash" at every level.
  • Product Grenade: Damage: 80/160/200/240 -> 75/150/225/225
  • Tank Shield: Can now target base turrets, Firebases and Combat Kitties.
  • Tank Shield: Activation Range: 2048/2048/2048/2048 -> 2560/2560/2560/2560
  • Tank Shield: Health: 700/900/1200/2000 -> 750/900/1000/1200

Rule Changes: 21 - 2/02/12

  • New Taunt: Laugh
  • Jet Gun: Range: 640 -> 704
  • Rail Gun: Damage: 60 -> 66
  • Product Grenade: 100/200/250/300 -> 80/160/200/240

Rule Changes: 19 - 1/19/12

  • Base Health: 1690 -> 1550

Rule Changes: 18 - 1/12/12

  • New Taunt: Action Hero
  • Jet Gun: Damage: 21 -> 23
  • Rail Gun: Damage: 55 -> 60
  • Product Grenade: Damage: 100/250/300/300 -> 100/200/250/300
  • Product Grenade: Radius: 32/64/128 -> 128/128/128

Rule Changes: 17 - 1/5/12

  • Shield: Activation Range: 1536 -> 2048
  • Shield: Health: 700/800/1200/2000 -> 700/900/1200/2000
  • New Taunts: Smooth, Smooth And Open, Kick Some Tail

Rule Changes: 16 - 12/21/11

  • Rail Gun: Fire Interval: 0.9 -> 1
  • Rail Gun: Damage: 105 -> 55
  • Rail Gun: Reload Time: 1.8 -> 2
  • Rail Gun: Range: Full Damage/Min Damage: 2048/2560 -> 2560/3072
  • Jet Gun: Range: 1024 -> 640
  • Jet Gun: Now does full damage at any part of the flame.
  • Jet Gun: Alt Fire: Range adjusted to compensate for new length

Rule Changes: 14 - 12/08/11

  • Product Grenade: Fixed onscreen ad splash effect.
  • New Uniform: Holiday Hobo

Rule Changes: 12 - 12/01/11

  • Health Recovery (seconds): 90 -> 160
  • Shield: Health: 750/1000/1500/2000 -> 700/800/1200/2000
  • Product Grenade: Improved the ad splash visuals

Update 11 - 11/22/11

  • Health: 1875 -> 1690

Update 10 - 10/17/11

  • Health: 1600 -> 1875
  • Jet Gun: Damage: 20 -> 21
  • Rail Gun: Damage 99 -> 105

Update 8 - 11/10/11

  • Fixed a bug that caused some fire damage to the tank to be affected by the attacker’s weapon multiplier.
  • Jet Gun: Alt fire Death Blossom is now an independent skill with it’s own cooldown. Works similar to alt-fire grapples with the cooldown meter around the crosshair. Death Blossom is on a separate timer than the Rail Gun grapple.
  • Jet Gun: Damage: 18 -> 20
  • Rail Gun: Damage: 90 -> 99

Update 4 - 10/20/11

  • Product Grenade: Cooldown: 30/20/15/10 -> 20/14/10/7.5
  • Tank Charge: Cooldown: 30/20/15/10 -> 20/14/10/7.5
  • Tank Shield: Cooldown: 60/30/20/15 -> 40/26/20/15

Update 3 - 10/13/11

  • Jet Gun Damage: 15 -> 18
  • Rail Gun Damage: 75 -> 90
  • Tank Shield: Reduced recharge and made the recharge only start after the shield is gone

Update 2 - 10/06/11

  • Removed Deploy. Replaced it with a new skill, Tank Shield. Tank locks onto a target and when used it produces a shield that stays between the Tank and the target blocking incoming bullet fire from the direction of the target and absorbing some area damage.
  • Decreased Jet Gun damage, made Jet Gun’s damage fall off very shallow, allowing for more damage at longer range
  • Decreased Rail Gun damage and increased effective range
  • Increased initial damage of Product Grenade
  • Decreased upgrade level 1 grenade damage

Update 1 - 09/29/11

  • Tank: Increased the minimum damage on the Jet Gun


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