Monday Night Combat Wiki

Each Pro has it's own set of specific Weapons and Abilities.


NoobClassic Monday Night Combat Pros[]

The Classic Pros return from Monday Night Combat to join a roster of new Pros in Super Monday Night Combat. All veteran classes in Super MNC have a special 'Veteran' uniform for sale, comprised of gold-plated armor sections.

Like the new pros, the Veterans are divided up into different archetypes based on the role they best serve and the abilities at their disposal.

SMNC Hotshot Assault Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Tank Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Support Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Assassin Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Gunner Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Sniper Portrait.png
Assault Tank Support Assassin Gunner Sniper

Super Monday Night Combat Pros[]


Commandos are the 'specialists' of MNC. Having complex skills, high base speed and low health, Commandos are arguably the hardest type of Pro to learn, but also the most rewarding. They harass, ambush and finish off enemy Pros, slow them down with De-Buffs, and generally just make the game more difficult for the enemy team.

SMNC Hotshot Assassin Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Captain Spark Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Wascot Portrait.png
Assassin Captain Spark Wascot


Strikers are 'Jack-of-All-Trades' Pros, combining medium health, burst damage, and high mobility to get around the arena quickly. As such, Striker pros tend to have low-to-moderate difficulty ratings, making them popular both with players new to Monday Night Combat, and veterans looking to learn how the rules have changed.

SMNC Hotshot Assault Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Karl Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Megabeth Portrait.png
Assault Karl Megabeth


Enforcers are the offensive brutes of the team, having high health, high short-range damage, and low speed. They generally act as the escorts for the Bot offensive, moving with them to cut down enemy Bots and Pros.

SMNC Hotshot Tank Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Gunner Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Cheston Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Veteran Portrait.png
Tank Gunner Cheston Veteran Robo Hobo


If Commandos make the game harder for the enemy, then Defenders make it easier for their teammates. Designed to heal or buff teammates as well as lock down areas, Defenders are one of the most important members of a team's composition.

SMNC Hotshot Support Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot CombatGirl Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Leo Portrait.png
Support Combat Girl Leo

Sharp Shooters[]

Sharpshooters, as their name implies, rely primarily on player accuracy and high burst damage to support their team from a distance. With much of their usefulness resting on the skill of the player, the Sharpshooters tend to be the most unforgiving of a player's mistakes.

SMNC Hotshot Sniper Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Gunslinger Portrait.png SMNC Hotshot Artemis Portrait.png
Sniper Gunslinger Artemis


Announcer portrait.png Announcer portrait.png Pitgirl portrait.png Mascot portrait.png Juice Bot portrait.png Chickey Cantor Portrait.png
GG Stack Chip Valvano Pitgirl Bullseye Juice Bot Chickey Cantor