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Arenas are where Super Monday Night Combat matches take place. There are currently five arenas in SMNC.


Bullet Gorge[]

Bullet Gorge is a middle sized map, most recognized for the two opposite bridges that serve as lanes for the Bots, and its considerably small jungle. Because of the small map size, the presence of many corners, and how its middle area has many stage-out opportunities, Strikers, Defenders, and especially Captain Spark are often times the more dominant Pros when this map comes in play.

Loco Moco Ruins[]

Loco Moco Ruins feature straight corridors of lanes, separated by walls and glass. The jungle is low above the lanes and easy to access from anywhere around the map's center with the various pro's skills. It promotes ambush gameplay, as fast pros can get quickly to any corner of the map by using the jungle. Sharpshooters are favoured by the long straight corridors, but Commandos can utilize the jungle to quickly get in and out of fights.

Spunky Cola Downtown[]

Spunky Cola Downtown is the third Super MNC map to hit the game. It features an urbanistic theme with tubatures and ads placed around the walls of the arena.

The layout is inspired by the Spunky Cola Arena from the original MNC. Unlike it's predecessor features it two strictly separated lanes that often confront uncoordinated teams with the challenge to organize their pushes and defence between both lanes alike. Gaining control over the center of the map is crucial for success.

Gun Mountain[]

Gun Mountain is the fourth map currently available for the Super Crossfire and Turbocross gamemodes.

It's open layout and the centralised and easily accessible Annihilator are inspired by the AmmoMule Arena from original MNC

Grenade III.XIV Arena[]

Grenade III.XIV, also known as "Pineapple Pi", is the original Monday Night Combat Grenade 3 arena that has been updated to fit the gameplay of Super MNC.

1-800-QUERY-HELIOS Dome[]

1-800-QUERY-HELIOS Dome is the first Super Blitz map introduced to SMNC. It has a circular shape with five lanes leading to the Moneyball and a circular catwalk on top that is home to strong hazards and ranged bot attacks.

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