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Crossfire Edit

Basics Edit

The goal in Crossfire is to destroy the opposing teams Moneyball while simultaneously keeping yours safe. This is done by building towers to defend your Moneyball while building Bots to attacking the enemy base. Pros can build different types of bots. Slim bots and Black Jacks spawn automactically every 5 seconds. (10 seconds after the patch is released.) and other bots can be spawned for $100. The bots spwaned varies on the Pro. Supports, for example, can summon Gap-Shots. The first team to lose their Moneyball loses. If both Moneyballs are still around when time runs out, the game will go into Overtime, which is two minutes. If neither Moneyball has been destroyed by the end of Overtime, The team who's Moneyball has the most health left is declared the winner. If overtime is disabled, or both moneyballs has the same HP remaining, the team with most accumulated money wins.

Blitz Edit

Basics Edit

The goal in Blitz is to protect your money ball by yourself, splitscreen with a friend or up to 3 others over Xbox Live.

Bots will spawn in waves every round; the total number of rounds and the difficulty are dependant on what challenge the host chose:

Exhibition Blitz: 10 rounds - Light difficulty

Season Blitz: 20 rounds - Moderate difficulty

Playoff Blitz: 30 rounds - Heavy difficulty

The Scramble: 10 rounds - Crazy difficulty

Sudden Death Blitz: Infinite rounds - Insane difficulty

Super Sudden Death Blitz: Infinite rounds, Ludicrous difficulty

Every 10 rounds 2 or 4 Jackbot XLs will spawn; the round before or after this round is dubbed the "Bonus round" in which Bullseye, the mascot, will spawn to drop money, juice and other helpful items.

All bots will spawn in different rounds in different numbers. Every 10 rounds the bots will increase in difficulty making it harder for the Pros.

Building a lot of Lazer Blazers and upgrading them to Level 3 is more effective than building more expensive towers which may never get upgraded.

Remember, ShaveIce Towers can reveal cloaked Gremlins. Keep this in mind in Scramble, where they will appear in surplus.