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Speed Endorsements increase player's movement speed, both on foot and in the air.

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
Metabolightning symbol LaseRazor symbol Sprintz symbol
Metabolightning LaseRazor Sprintz
+25 Speed

Hey, if the rumors were true, could we sell it?

Vein fusing? Try “vein confusing”. Don’t listen to the eggheads, listen to the athletes. Metabolightning adds quickness and speed instantly, with minimal scientifically proven side effects.

+50 Speed

LaseRazor, the official combat shaver of Monday Night Combat.

Start your day with LaseRazor, the only razor with six quantum plasma lasers for maximum comfort, patented all terrain pivot and new ShaveIce gel pack cartridge and handy applicator for an avalanche of foamy frozen comfort, to help you turn that sandpaper into silk, anytime.

+100 Speed

Sprintz!! Sports gum. Now with 10% less liver damage!

Sprintz brand sports gum adds speed to your game with the following flavors: Fruit Punch-it, Grape Escape and now in our newest flavor, Comet Cranberry.