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Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Sniper
Slot: Primary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Bullet
Alternate Fire: Scope
Passive Skill Upgrades
Sniper Skill Level 2: Adds penetrating shot
Sniper Skill Level 3: Adds explosive damage
The Sniper Rifle is the Sniper's primary weapon. It does exceptional damage to other players, and lethal damage if the Sniper can score a Headshot. Its alternate fire offers a scope with a fair amount of zoom and allows for pinpoint accuracy even at great distances. When not scoped, the Sniper Rifle has at best, mediocre accuracy. The weapon is hitscan, meaning outside of lag and the random pattern of bullet fire causing them to not hit a target while not scoped, the weapon will hit enemies at all ranges instantly.

NOTE: To accommodate for the increased accuracy allowed with use of a mouse, the Steam version of Monday Night Combat limits the Sniper to half the rounds per clip he would have in the Xbox 360 version.

When the Sniper Skill is upgraded to Level 2, shots from the Sniper Rifle penetrate enemies, allowing them to hit multiple targets at once. When upgraded to Level 3, each hit on a target (friendly or enemy) causes a small explosion that damages any enemies in close proximity.

  • The level 3 Passive skill for snipers can be used in many ways. For one, if you shoot a teammate, and there are enemies near him, the enemies within it's explosion radius will take damage, while your teammate is unharmed by it. This is especially useful if you see someone being assassinated, or even grappling a Jackbot. Due to the long animation of Jackbot grapples, one can easily kill the Sniper/Assassin before they get to finish the grapple entirely. The explosion also instanty kills any Slim Bots that are hit, making it a good tool to use against groups of bots. Note that being near the explosions' ration will cause damage to yourself aswell.
  • It is confirmed that the Sniper Rifle can score a headshot no-scoping.

Sniper Rifle StrategyEdit