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Hotshot Slim.png
Type Breach Bot
Armor Light armor
Damage Light ranged damage
Special None

"They're lightly armored, they move in small groups, and looks like they are today's welcoming committee. Here come the Slim bots!" ~ Mickey Cantor

Spawned in the early rounds in Blitz and in the most numbers in Crossfire, Slims are the weakest bots in the game in terms of health and damage. If a Pro is killed by a slim the announcer will make a quip about the embarrassment of it.


Slim Bot Health: 175
Speed: 450
Laser Damage: 7
Laser Interval: 0.5 seconds
Targeting Range: 1280 units


The Slim bots are the basic "Cannon Fodder" type bots and possess no special traits, aside from being the weakest bots in all of Monday Night Combat in terms of damage.

Game appearances and behavior[]

Slim bots are the initial lanning bots which spawn at the beginning of each round with the number of slims spawning decreasing as the round goes on.

In Monday Night Combat they will appear alongside Black Jacks and march on their way to the enemies Money Ball, only stopping to engage enemy bots. They will fire upon enemy pros only if there are no other bots in the area and the pro in question is to the front of them.

In Super Monday Night Combat, Slims take up the same role as in the previous game and will appear alongside Shady Bots.


See Category:Match-ups for class-specific strategies against Slims.
  • A single, fully upgraded Sniper Rifle shot can take out multiple Slims.
  • A single Bomb from an Assault can take out multiple Slims, as can a Charge at any level.
  • The Assault's Grenade Launcher can dispatch Slims with realitive ease.
  • The Assassin can usually kill Slims with one well aimed swipe of her Dagger or sword. A lunge into a cluster of them usually destroys several.
  • A Tank's Death Blossom can take out many Slims up close, as can the Jet Charge.
  • A Gunner's Slam can destroy many Slims in one hit.
  • Any Slim caught in an activated Ejector will be destroyed.
  • A gravely-injured Pro can be killed by a passing Slim, resulting in a comment by the game's announcer, Mickey Cantor.
  • A melee attack from any class can be used on a Slim to gain some easy juice.