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Shuriken Launcher
Shuriken symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Assassin
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Shuriken
Alternate Fire: Grapple
Passive Skill Upgrades
Assassin Skill Level 2: Increased clip size
The Shuriken Launcher is the secondary weapon of the Assassin. It appears as a small, wrist-mounted device strapped to her right arm, and fires bladed shuriken at a relatively slow speed (the weapon is not hitscan, so enemy Pros can see and evade the incoming shuriken) However, this disadvantage is offset because the Shuriken fly with no spread (each shot flies in exactly the same direction as the one before it as long as you don't move), so it has a consistency at long range to offset its slow projectile speed. The launcher possesses a high rate of fire, fairly high damage, and a unique ricochet ability but a relatively small clip.

If a shuriken does not hit an enemy target (Pro, Bot, or Turret), Bullseye, or the Money Ball, it will bounce off of Arena walls, floors and glass until it hits a target, leaves the arena area, or after about 2 seconds have passed since launch. This unique ability can be used to hit objects around corners or behind walls much in the same way the Assault can rebound shots from his Grenade Launcher.

Like all secondary weapons, its alternate fire is a grapple, which shares a cooldown timer with her Primary weapon grapple. When the Assassin upgrades her passive skill, the clip size of the Shuriken Launcher increases.

Taunt: She does three kicks, before doing a flip. She laughs afterwards.

Cardboard Tube Samurai Taunt: Chuckling, she takes her straw hat in her right hand, stretches her arms wide, and lets the hat roll on edge down her arms to her left hand, where it falls back and gets kicked back up by her foot, the hat landing back on her head.


  • The shurikens fired by the Assassin are a six-pointed variation of the disc, or hira shuriken style, as opposed to the more dart-like bo shuriken. The number of points or blades on a shuriken are often associated with a particular school of martial arts (ryū) or a region of Japan.