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Shady Bot
SMNC Hotshot Shady Bot.png
Type Breach Bot
Armor Moderate armor
Damage Moderate melee and ranged damage
Special Switches between melee and ranged attacks

Shady Bots are a new bot introduced in Super Monday Night Combat.

Often seen in pairs, leading a pack of three Slimbots in a group, they are the second most common bot seen in the lanes, and can switch between firing small electrical projectiles, or punching enemies. They hover slightly above the ground, with spikes on the ends of their upper appendages, and two cannons making up their lower limbs. Like all bots, they are susceptible to headshots; their slow movement speed and extremely predictable movement make headshots a breeze.

Early game they provide the common muscle, a bridge between the cannon-fodder Slimbots and the hulking FujiBots. Relatively poor damage output classes such as Combat Girl should rely on abilities to take them out quickly, to earn valuble experience points for those first crucial levels.

Note that they cannot be grappled, along with any other non-Jungle bot (Save the Jackbot XL and Bouncer).


  • The name "Shady" is a reference to Eminem because of it's similarity to the Slim bot. The names together form "Slim Shady", one of Eminem's alternate alias.