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SMG symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Sniper
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Bullets
Alternate Fire: Grapple
The SMG (Sub-machine Gun) is the Sniper's secondary weapon. It has a fast rate of fire, decent accuracy, and does a fair amount of damage, but a very small clip. These combined factors make it a viable option only when the target is too close for the Sniper Rifle, too far to perform the Sniper Grapple, or when the grapple skill is recharging. The weapon is hitscan, meaning outside of lag and the random pattern of bullet fire causing them to not hit a target, the weapon will hit enemies at all ranges instantly.

Alternate Fire is a grapple where the Sniper throws the SMG into the opponent and sets them up to be finished with shots. Note that this grapple is separate from the Sniper's Grapple Skill, which means that they do not share a cool-down timer. The Sniper Grapple can be used while the SMG's alt-fire is cooling down, or vice-versa.

SMG StrategyEdit