Monday Night Combat Wiki


Shorter update this week because we're releasing earlier in the week.

The biggest change this week is the addition of "Highlander" mode into quick matching. When you quick match your team must have unique Pros. No more doubling up on the same Pro. You can choose the same Pro as long as no one has locked in. The first one to lock will get that Pro, anyone else who had the same Pro selected will be assigned a random Pro until they select a new one or the timer runs out.

Enjoy the new UI screens and uniforms and as always feel free to provide feedback on our forums.

New Rules

  • Turned back on Build Team option for matchmaking. Teams must be 3-5 players to begin matchmaking.
  • Quickmatches are now locked to "Highlander" mode. Only unique Pros per team.
  • Revamped store screen in the locker room.
  • Uniforms can now be changed after you lock in your Pro.
  • New end game summary screen.
  • Increased font size of chat.

Gun Mountain

  • Continued art revisions
  • Moved rocket turrets behind the glass, similar to Loco Moco Arena.
  • New end-game matinees.


  • "Parting Gift" now only gives health to allied players.


  • Changed most secondary and tertiary effects so that there is uniform representation of effects.
  • Fixed the names of endorsements that show up when you go to purchase one.

Captain Spark

  • New Uniform: Captain Dashing


  • New Uniform: Jingle Britches


  • New Uniform: How You Say Derp


  • New Uniform: Luchadeer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed purchase buttons not disabling as soon as you click them to help prevent accidental multiple purchases.
  • Fixed "Killed By" and "Assisted By" labels in the death UI from showing incorrectly.
  • Fixed practice games from giving the incorrect amount of combat credits.
  • Fixed a few instances of audio crashes.
  • Fixed health and health bar displaying improperly if you upgraded your passive defense.