Monday Night Combat Wiki


Welcome to Super MNC: The Invitational. We will continue to send out invites to new players on a regular basis but the game remains invitation only. We have adjusted Uber Point costs to provide discounts when purchasing larger amounts. For the first week of the Invitational we have wiped everyone's accounts. We have also set the free Pro rotation to be MNC Classic style; Tank, Gunner, Assault, Support, Sniper. Anything you add or unlock after this update goes live you will keep.

This update introduces a ton of new content. New "News" screen, updates to the death UI, updates to the main menu art, seven new uniforms, large update to all skill descriptions, and a large art pass to Gun Mountain.

New Rules

  • Free Pros: Sniper, Gunner, Tank, Assault, Support
  • News page turned on and updated with news.
  • News page now maximizes the bottom chat and Agent UI.
  • Updated all skill descriptions to show what the skill does and what numbers upgrading that skill will change.
  • Skill upgrade screen now shows your current and next level values for Damage Rating, Bot Rating, Turret Rating and Speed.
  • Updated exit confirmation dialog.
  • Turned off collision on Annihilators so that Pros can no longer stand on them.
  • Most taunts have been altered to normalize to five seconds.
  • MNC Veteran skins are turned off. Will be assigned to Monday Night Combat owners in a future update.


  • Added new Product, Parting Gift, which is a bomb dropped upon death that will heal nearby Pros when it explodes.
  • Replaced At'em Bomb with Parting Gift in the default products for all Pros.
  • Over Armor: Armor Given: 5 -> 25


  • Changed the way reload speed and health recovery endorsements are calculated so that the values are easier to understand.
  • Adjusted all health recovery and reload speed endorsements to match the new calculation method.


  • New Uniform: Frosty

Captain Spark

  • Voltage Spike: Fixed trails not respecting team color.


  • Banana: Bananas are now team colored and updated banana effects
  • Banana: Bananas will no longer trip unmovable Pros, like deployed Gunners.
  • New Uniform: Chesnuts

Combat Girl

  • Nail Gun: Fixed Grapple trying to do Hi-Fives during the Wascot counter-grapple
  • Combat Laser: Combat Girl can now be grappled while using the Combat Laser and the Laser will fire.
  • New Uniform: Combat Candy
  • Combat Healer: Healing: 8 -> 9


  • New Uniform: Tiki Wrap
  • Mortars: Damage Radius: 64/128 -> 128/192
  • Ground Slam: Radius: 512/512/768/1024 -> 512/768/768/1024


  • Gun Flurry: Fixed effect pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Lucinda: Headshot Multiplier: 5 -> 4.5


  • Short Circuit: Will now stun himself if it explodes too close.


  • New Uniform: Head Clicking Troll
  • Sniper Rifle: Headshot Multiplier: 5 -> 4.5
  • SMG: Damage: 21 -> 18
  • Traps: Number: 1/2/3/4 -> 1/1/2/2


  • Heal/Hurt Gun: Heal: 16 -> 18
  • Firebase: Health Regen: 0.5 -> 0.3 (Heals faster, compensates for change in calculation method)
  • Firebase: Range: 768 -> 896