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Reload Speed Endorsements reduce the time it takes to reload a weapon. Weapons that do not use ammunition -- notably the Support's Heal/Hurt Gun and the Assassin's Dagger/Sword -- do not benefit from these endorsements.

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
BionoGRIP symbol Secrets of the Reloading Masters symbol Intelliclips symbol
Bionogrip Secrets of the Reloading Masters Intelliclips
-20% Reload Time

Biono-Grip, the bionic exo-hand with a million and one programmable uses asks you to “keep them professional".

Paul Inga, CEO of Biono-Grip would like to remind people that he’s ready to date again, though probably nothing serious until his urologist gives him the all-clear.

-30% Reload Time

Learn the secrets to faster reloading known only to elite assassins, wealthy industrialists and Steven Pulchinski, the night manager at QuickLube.

Found inside the secret underground tomb of heralded Aztec military strategist Chalchiuhtotoliq and never before seen by the public, Secrets of the Reloading Masters, will cut down your average reload time by 50% or you’ll get double your money back, we guarantee. Offer not valid in Virginia, Northern Rhode Island or Southern Rhode Island.

-40% Reload Time

Intelliclips. Because you’ve got enough on your hands already.

A lot of things run through your mind during a firefight. “Have I led a good and moral life?” “What will happen to Barbara and the kids?” “God, I could go for a pulled pork sandwich,” or “maybe I shouldn’t have taken getting laid off so personally.” Whatever your concerns the last thing you should have to worry about is taking valuable time out of your assault to fumble with spare ammo clips. That’s why IntelliClips does all the hard work for you.

Trivia Edit

  • During a Host Migration, Secrets of the Reloading Masters is the Sponsor providing the game. It is mistakenly called a "gold" sponsor during this period.