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Rate of Fire Endorsements increase the rate at which shots are fired by most weapons. Note that this includes the Dagger and Sword of the Assassin (the Endorsements will affect how quickly she can swing them) and the Heal/Hurt Gun of the Support (the Endorsements will affect how rapidly you can heal and drain).

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
Itchy Finger symbol Dr. Trigger symbol Total Recoil symbol
Itchy Finger Dr Trigger Total Recoil
+10% Fire Rate

Itchy Finger! Hold it down without a frown.

A faster trigger is just ONE of the benefits enjoyed by replacing Mother Nature’s inferior ligament based index finger with a robotic substitute. No surgeon necessary.

+20% Fire Rate

Whether plasma gun or blunderbuss, Dr Trigger cleans it without a fuss.

Dr Trigger's Liquid Barrel Cleaning System not only increases your rate of fire, but enhances your weapon with one of three pleasing aromas: bubblegum, grape or original gun oil scent. Get your prescription for a sluggish rate of fire, from Dr. Trigger, today!

+30% Fire Rate

Total Recoil! Knock your enemies into next week - literally.

Why waste money on superior material cooling technology or faster cycling weapons to increase your rate of fire? Total Recoil series of weapon-based particle colliders make ripping a hole through the time-space continuum a breeze. Shoot first; then shoot first again. That’s the Total Recoil way.