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Product Grenade
Pro's Information
Used by: Tank
Slot: One (Blue)
Skill Type: Grenade
Skill Levels
Level 1: Moderate Damage, Stuns Bots, and Vision-Blocking Effect
Level 2: Increased Damage, Stun Duration, and Blast Radius
Level 3: Further Increased Damage, Stun Duration, and Blast Radius
Explosion releases Explosive Bomblets

A breakthrough in Self-Perpetuating Advertisement Media (S.P.A.M.), the Product Grenade is the Tank's Slot One (Blue) Skill. When used, the Tank throws a small device which simultaneously explodes and sends out a wireless radio pulse. This pulse bombards the cybernetically-augmented cortex of Pros, blocking their vision and hearing with dozens of advertisements. The signal also works on Turrets and Bots to temporarily stun them, assuming the blast from the grenade itself didn't kill them. When fully upgraded, the combination of the initial hit and the cluster of mini grenades that follow can be fatal, especially to classes that have low defense such as the Sniper or Assassin.

When used against bots, the product grenade will kill all Slims in the area of the initial explosion, and the cluster grenades at level 3 will kill or severely injure all Black Jacks in the group. It is also capable of stunning Jackbots, and a tank with the Gold Skill Recovery endorsement can nearly "stunlock" the Jackbot for it's entire life.


  • Use the grenades to stun large amounts of bots, then move in and use your Death Blossom.
  • Be careful. The grenades will blind and hurt you too.
  • Use them like the Assassins Smoke Bomb: To make a getaway. This, combined with your Jet Charge can allow you to quickly retreat, heal, then come back.