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Mortar Launcher
Mortars symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Gunner
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Mortar Rounds
Damage Type: Explosive
Alternate Fire: Grapple
Passive Skill Upgrades
Gunner Skill Level 2: Splits one round into two
Gunner Skill Level 3: Splits one round into three
The Mortar Launcher is the secondary weapon of the Gunner, and lobs round, explosive shells in a high arc which explode on impact, unlike the Assault's Grenade Launcher, which ricochets off of Arena surfaces. While it does moderate-to-high damage, the Mortar has a relatively slow fire rate. Each time the Gunner Skill is upgraded, the mortar round splits in mid-air becoming two rounds at Level 2 and three at Level 3. Like all secondary weapons, the Mortar Launcher's alternate fire is a Grapple attack, separate from the Gunner's Grapple skill, which means they do not share a cool-down cycle. The Mortar grapple can be used while the Grapple skill is recharging, and vice-versa.


The slow-firing, arcing projectiles are best-suited for taking down enemy Turrets and tough bots like Black Jacks, rather than against Pros, who can easily dodge the explosives while whittling down the Gunner's impressive health. On the other hand, the Mortar Launcher reloads much faster than the Gunner's Minigun, which can help fend off attackers if he's caught with low ammo in his primary weapon.

Like the Assault's Grenade Launcher and the Assassin's Shuriken Launcher, the Mortar's arcing projectiles and explosive splash damage are good for shelling enemy Turrets from behind cover, reducing the amount of damage the Gunner is exposed to.

The Mortar Launcher, while it is powerful enough to do heavy damage to enemies, is very hard to aim due to its arching downward, plus the mortar rounds have to directly hit the target(s) to do that heavy damage or otherwise it does little damage to them. So fire upwards and from afar for it to work to its best.

Using this on turrets is recommended over your minigun, since you can get triple direct hits and cause more damage than even an assault if left to your devices. A triple direct hit from a juiced Gunner will one shot a level 1 rocket turret, and can kill a full overhealed level 3 rocket before it kills the Gunner, with plenty of time to spare. Destroying the RockIt turrets at the start of the match will set the enemy team up for disaster. without the RockIt turrets backing them up at the beginning will make them have to waste their personal money for quick fixes like lazer blazers, and it will delay their skill upgrades, putting them at a major disadvantage to your oncoming team onslaught.

If you are standing on a ledge, do not try and fire directly below you. The shells will just hit the platform, hurting you.

Mortars can be used against Snipers quite well, as they tend to stand still, are weak and are a long way away.

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