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Three Black Jacks and two Slims about to break the shield on the Icemen's Money Ball

The Money Ball is the center of attention in Monday Night Combat. Defending it is your prime objective.

The Money Ball is normally protected from damage by a shield that keeps it up in the air. A team's Money Ball health gauge has a shield icon on it as long as that is in place. However, if Bots can get right up to the Money Ball, they can break the shield, force the Money Ball down, and render it vulnerable to damage. It generally takes two direct Bot hits to take down the shield. Slims can inflict one hit on the Money Ball before exploding; all others except the Jackbot (which can attack continuously) can inflict two. On the first hit, the team's shield icon will turn red to indicate it's about to go down. On the second hit, you'll hear a distinct boom, the icon disappears, and PitGirl will warn you that the Money Ball is now vulnerable. As long as someone or something is inflicting damage on your Money Ball, its health gauge will flash red and creep down. If you press back the assault and keep the health gauge green for about 30 seconds, PitGirl will have a chance to restore the shield and prevent further damage. However, any damage inflicted on the Money Ball during that time remains, and the shields can be brought down again. When a Money Ball's health gauge empties, it explodes in a shower of coins to indicate the end of the match.

In Crossfire matches, your goal is to destroy the opposing team's Money Ball while preventing damage to your own. Pros cannot attack the Money Ball while its shield is up, which is why escorting Bots is critical to the game. Only when the Bots take down the shield can the Pros join in on inflicting the damage. The first team to destroy the other's Money Ball wins the match. If time expires with both Money Balls intact, the team with more health in their Money Ball wins the match. Only when both Money Balls are at equal strength will the match go into Overtime. Both Money Ball shields drop during Overtime, making them open targets for either team. At the end of Overtime, the team with the stronger Money Ball wins; if both Money Balls are of equal strength, the team with more accumulated earnings wins.

In Blitz matches, your goal is to defend your Money Ball against waves of Bots. In regulation Blitzes (Exhibition, Season, Playoff), you lose if the Money Ball goes down before you complete the required number of rounds. In endless Blitzes (Sudden Death, Super Sudden Death), the Money Ball will go down eventually; your objective is to simply last as long as you can.