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Minigun symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Gunner
Slot: Primary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Bullet
Alternate Fire: Spin-up
Passive Skill Upgrades
Gunner Skill Level 3: Becomes Dual Minigun
The Minigun is the primary weapon of the Gunner. It has an exceptional rate of fire and does massive damage at close range, though it has a pretty wide spread that makes it much less accurate at a distance. The weapon is hitscan, meaning outside of lag and the random pattern of bullet fire causing them to not hit a target, the weapon will hit enemies at all ranges instantly. It takes a short amount of time for the barrel to spin-up and actually start firing. Likewise, once it begins firing, it takes a little more time for the gun to reach its maximum rate of fire. Additionally, the Minigun is one of the slowest weapons to reload, taking nearly two and a half seconds from start to finish, when not accounting for reloading endorsements, however, it does have one of the largest clip size in the game, and with a clip size endorsement reloads will be very infrequent.

The alternate fire for the gun spins the barrel without firing, and the Gunner's reticle will rotate to indicate the Minigun is spinning at full speed. Keeping the Minigun spinning allows the Gunner to fire at full speed without delay. The drawback is that the Gunner slows down considerably when his Minigun is spinning (whether from firing or from spin-up). When the Gunner's Deploy Skill is at Level 2 or higher, the Minigun gains a chance for Critical Shots while deployed. When the Gunner Skill is at Level 3, the Minigun becomes a Dual Minigun which does a little bit less damage, but has twice the ammo and twice the rate of fire of the normal Minigun. When deployed, enemy Pros that receive damage from the Minigun will be slowed down for a short time, making them easier targets for follow-up shots.

If you're making a custom Gunner class, the Minigun benefits from many different Endorsements. Rate of Fire Endorsements let you damage enemies more quickly, Reload Speed Endorsements (the standard Gunner has the Silver one) cuts the time of your lengthy reload, Clip Size Endorsements (the standard Gunner has the Gold one) lets you fire for longer without reloading, and Weapon Accuracy Endorsements concentrate your gun's fire for even more damage. Any of these can greatly increase the Minigun's effectiveness.