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A Kill Streak in Monday Night Combat is defined as accumulating a minimum number of kills in a single life. You earn highlights and cash bonuses for getting in Kill Streaks. There are four levels of Kill Streak, each with its own highlight and bonus, which is effective for every kill you make while in it, starting from the kill that qualifies you for that level. You still earn additional bonuses for notable kills such as Grapple Kills and Ring Outs. There is also an Achievement for making your first Hot Streak; Steam adds another for making an Uber Streak.

  • 3 kills puts you in a Hot Streak, with a $25 bonus for every kill.
  • 7 kills puts you in a Mega Streak, with a $50 bonus for every kill.
  • 11 kills puts you in a Ultra Streak, with a $100 bonus for every kill.
  • 15 kills puts you in an Uber Streak. with a $250 bonus for every kill.


Different classes have different ways to build Kill Streaks depending on their skill:

  • Snipers may focus on Headshots, staying away from the action.
  • Assassins may focus on Grapple kills in lightning raids, popping in and out of the action.
  • Supports may gain a kill streak even from cover with a strategically-placed Firebase (like any Turret you build, kills by the Firebase count as yours).

Bot StreaksEdit

A February 11 Steam update adds a new form of Kill Streak to the Steam version of the Crossfire game: the Bot Streak. For destroying certain numbers of enemy bots without dying, Pros are awarded cash bonuses every interval of 25 bots for their bot-clearing efficiency.

  • 25 bots = $50 Bot streak
  • 50 bots = $75 Mega Bot streak
  • 75 bots = $150 Giga bot streak