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This article is about the Tank class skill. For the similar Assault skill, see Charge.
Jet Charge
Pro's Information
Used by: Tank
Slot: Three (Red)
Skill Type: Direct
Skill Levels
Level 1: Short-Range Dash; Tackle Attack
Level 2: Increased Damage
Level 3: Increased Damage; Knock-down Effect

Jet Charge is the Tank's Slot Three (Red) skill, and uses high-powered directional jets, the Tank's substantial girth, and high-density armor to slam enemy Pros and Bots. It functions in a manner similar to the Assault's Charge; when activated, the Tank's jump-jets open up and propel the Tank forward with a burst of fire. When fully upgraded, the Tank's Jet Charge knocks down enemies instead of grappling them, leaving them open for further attack if needed.

Charge is a crucial skill for the lumbering Tank to catch up with and attack the faster, more nimble classes like the Assault or Assassin.


  • The charge can easily Ring Out enemies especially at level 3. Use this to your advantage.
  • This can be useful against Assassins: Fully Upgraded, it will knock them down, allowing you to roast them with your Jetgun.
  • This can also be used to retreat. The Tank can be steered around corners while charging, allowing him to quickly get to cover.
  • A combination of the Tank's Jets and his Jet Charge can allow him to cover quite large gaps.
  • You probably shouldn't try to ring-out an Assault, unless you have the level 3 upgrade. Their charge can bring them back faster than you could kill them.
  • Also beware of Gunner's slam ability. They could time it just so that they slam right in front of you, if you don't have level 3. this would slow you down just enough that they could easily mow you down with their minigun. On the other hand, the Slam has to be already going to hit you; if they're late, your Jet Charge can hit them before the actual Slam is made, giving you the advantage.