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This article is about the Gunner class skill. For the similar Tank skill, see Tank Deploy.
Gunner Deploy
Pro's Information
Used by: Gunner
Slot: Two (Yellow)
Skill Type: Deployment
Skill Levels
Level 1: Become Immobile to gain Toughness, Firepower
Deployed Minigun fire staggers enemies.
Level 2: Increased Health Recovery
Increased Critical Shot %
Level 3: Further Increased Health Recovery
Immunity to Headshots
The Gunner's Deploy skill is the second (yellow) skill of the gunner that allows the gunner to gain durability, increased health regeneration, slowing fire in exchange for movement. When the skill is activated the Gunner will stop on the spot and deploy paddles from his suit which give him stability against knockbacks, such as the Jackbot's Slam, Ejector , and other Gunner's Slam. Once the skill is deployed the player will move into a first-person view and have their attack range set to a 180° hemisphere in front of him. The skill adds an additional chance for critical shots and adds a slow effect to the Minigun reducing their speed considerably. The level three of this adds a face shield protecting from headshots.


  • Becomes stationary and can only engage targets in a 180° arc in front of him.
  • The Gunner has increased armor and regenerates his health faster while deployed.
  • While deployed, the Gunner can also fire his Jump Jets to burn enemies behind him.
  • When fully upgraded, a head-shield prevents Headshot kills.


  • If you are in a low threat area, and need to regenerate health, you can deploy to speed up the process.
  • If you are deployed, and an Assassin is slashing you from behind, you can use your backpack jets to burn them.
  • Remember to watch for Snipers. On Levels 1 and 2, they can kill you instantly, and even with the Level 3 head-shield, they can still damage you a lot by shooting you in the chest.