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Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Assault
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Grenades
Damage Type: Explosive
Alternate Fire: Grapple

The Grenade Launcher is the Assault's secondary weapon. It lobs grenades at a fairly high velocity which will explode when impacting an enemy Pro, Bot, Turret, or Money Ball. Grenades will bounce off walls and roll along the ground if they do not hit an enemy during flight.

Grenades do more damage to Bots than the Assault Rifle, and the Launcher makes up the Assault's primary means of destroying enemy bots. The Launcher can also be used at long range to attack other Pros, but does less damage at close range than the rifle.

Like all secondary weapons, the Grenade Launcher's alternate fire is a grapple attack.

Grenade Launcher strategyEdit