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Gap Shot
Hotshot Gapshot
Type Artillery Bot
Armor Light armor
Damage Heavy long-ranged damage
Special None

"Let's see how the Assault handles artillery fire falling down on him like cats and dogs! Here come the Gap Shots!" ~ Mickey Cantor

The Gap Shot is a bot with very long range, but low health and speed. They lob mortar shells high into the air, which then fall back down onto unsuspecting players, other bots, and enemy Turrets. While firing, the shells make a distinguishable whistle. The phunking gunfire that can be heard from far away usually indicates a Gap Shot is around.

In Blitz, Gap Shots will walk along predetermined paths to strategic positions where they will continually shell your base at a distance. In Crossfire matches, they can be spawned one at a time by the Support. Instead of staying back, these Gap Shots will walk very slowly along the Bot Lane shelling enemy targets all the while.


Health: 750
Speed: 150
Mortar Damage: 250
Mortar Radius: 256
Mortar Interval: 2.0 seconds
Mortar vs Turrets: 1000


Like their fixed Long Shot counterparts, they will bring their gun down to bear at targets in close proximity.

Game appearances and behaviorEdit


See Category:Match-ups for class-specific strategies against Gap Shots.


  • As Support, use your heal ability to maximize the health of the Gap Shot as it already has weak armor. If your Support skill is at least level 2, staying close to the Gap Shot will further boost its abilities.
  • A good time to spawn one is when a group of Black Jacks spawn as they can be used as shields by the Gap Shot.
  • They are great with long range missile fire, but are nearly defenseless up close so a Tank or a Gunner should help guard it, too.
  • Spawning several of them can be helpful in annoying the enemy team and breaking up their defenses.
  • If an enemy Pro is nearby and in horizontal range, it will instantly bring down it's cannon and shoot at that Pro.
  • Try to spawn Gap Shots at the Bot Spawner which has a longer/safer route for the bot to travel in to extend its lifetime.


  • Take it out quickly to protect your Turrets, Bots, and teammates from unexpected missiles.
  • Hit it at close range where it has little defense against your attacks.
  • They have very low armor, so that a few shots or slashes should destroy them.
  • Pros and Turrets underneath a surface are generally safe from Gapshots. This also drastically decreases their value in Steel Peel Arena.
  • Level 3 Long Shots are able to take them down as they fire fasters and have bigger range
  • Gap Shots make a loud noise when they fire

Super MNCEdit

Gap Shots will only appear in Super Blitz and allthough with their low health they will easily take out any turret if its unnoticed.