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Pro's Information
Used by: Assault
Slot: Two (Yellow)
Skill Type: Movement
Skill Levels
Level 1: Limited Hover Ability
Level 2: Increased Hover Duration
Level 3: Further Increased Hover Duration

Fly is an Assault skill that allows them to hover for a period of time using their jetpack. Unlike the Gunner or Tank's jet pack, an Assault pro does not gain height while flying, and thus an Assault must make use of Jump Pad, the increased jump height from his passive skill, the knockback of his Bomb, or Arena features to move vertically through the level. However, once he obtains the desired height and activates his Fly skill, he maintains that height as long as his skill remains active.

Fly can be activated with the assigned skill button, or by pressing the Jump button any time the Assault is airborne, either by jumping, receiving knockback, using a Jump Pad, or as the victim of a Grapple throw. Fly can be useful to evade enemy defenses like the Sniper's freezing Traps, a Support's automated Firebase, or Bombs from enemy Assaults. With practice, Fly can also help save the Assault from Ring Outs brought about by knockbacks or throws. As long as you are in control of yourself, you can activate Fly while in midair to curtail your outwards flight and than hover to a safe landing point (if your Fly meter is low, you can use a midair Charge for additional distance).

Pressing the Skill key while grounded will cause the Assault to barely hover off the ground. While this may seem useless at first, as long as the Assault's jets are on, he cannot be grappled by enemy Pros, which thwarts Bouncers and opponents like the Assassin.

Upgrading the Fly skill will increase the length of time the Assault's jet pack lasts. Note that Fly, unlike most skills, does not require a full charge to use. It is always available as long as there is charge in the meter.

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Being Killed while using the skill will cause the Assaults body to flail around if he lands on the ground.