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Exhibition Blitz is by far the easiest of all of the Blitz game variants. It is made up of 10 Waves of very few enemies, and can easily be done solo. Throughout the rounds, Bots only come from one of the two front spawns. Further easing the challenge is the fact they never mix up two types of Bots in the same round, and very few of the more elite bots, (Scramblers, Bouncers, Buzzers) appear at a time: usually no more than two or three.


Rounds: 10

Intensity: Light

Do not allow the Moneyball to be destroyed.

What to ExpectEdit


It is an easy and straightforward 10 Rounds of blowing up Bots, making it an excellent opportunity for players starting out in Monday Night Combat to familiarize themselves with the different player classes available. There really is no strategy needed for this variant of Blitz, though how you approach it on a solo run depends on the class you select.
  • The Assault, Tank, and Gunner are strong enough to take on single lines of Slims and Blackjacks unassisted and can usually just shoot them with their weapons and weapon skills. The stronger bots will usually require different tactics but can still be handled in the isolated numbers they appear here.
  • The Support can also handle the Blitz pretty easily, especially with help from a quickly-upgraded Firebase.
  • The Sniper should not find the Blitz too difficult, providing you can aim decently, though he may need the assistance of a Turret or two in the later rounds. At the end, if you're skillful enough to dodge the attacks, you can try to grapple the Jackbot.
  • The Assassin will have the easiest time in a solo Blitz, primarily because bot killing is her intended role. However, attacking Bots from the front is dangerous; you may want to rely on you Cloak skill to get behind them where you can safely destroy them. Turrets are recommended, but not needed. Your primary means of combatting the Jackbot should be to first stun it with a smoke bomb, followed by your sword, but since there are no pro's or other bots spawned with it, try to grapple it when it reaches half heath for a safe takedown (if you have juice by now however, go straight for the grapple, it will kill it in 1 if done correctly).