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The Death Blossom is one of the Tank's best offensive powers. While having the Jet Gun equipped use the alternate fire (PC: right mouse button, Xbox left trigger) and the Tank will spin in place, dishing out major damage to anything within his Jet Gun's radius. This will use the entire clip of his weapon.

  • The amount of damage that is done is dependant on what percentage is left on your current clip.
  • This attack is also devastating to Bots. It will one shot kill almost any bot, excluding the Bouncer and of course the Jackbot XL.
  • When used in conjunction with another attack (such as the Product Grenade), it can almost guarentee a kill.

Clip size endorsement effect on the Death Blossom[]

A clip size endorsement will not increase the maximum damage of the Death Blossom, it will make the fall off of the damage dealt shallower.

The Tank's standard clip size is 50. The Round Hound endorsement will increase the amount by 60%, your clip size is 80. If you use up 20 units of your ammo clip prior to the Death Blossom you will still deal 75% of the maximum damage. With a standard clip of 50 and 20 units spent it would have been only 60%.


Death Blossom may be an omage to "The Last Starfighter" a movie that was produced in the 80s in which the "Death Blossom" was a move in which the starship used all of it's energy reserves in order to fire in almost every direction.