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Dagger symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Assassin
Slot: Primary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: N/A
Damage Type: Melee
Alternate Fire: Grapple
Passive Skill Upgrades
Assassin Skill Level 3: Becomes Sword

The Dagger is the Assassin's primary weapon, consisting of a razor-sharp, hardened blade with a cloth-wrapped grip and ring pommel. It does heavy melee damage and has a grapple ability as its alternate fire. When performed from behind, an Assassin's Grapple is referred to as an Assassination and will kill most Pros outright, with only a few exceptions. Like all grapple attacks, after successfully executing a grapple, there is a brief cooldown period before a grapple can be performed again, indicated by the meter which appears around the player's crosshair. As the Dagger uses no ammunition, Reload has been replaced with a short-ranged lunging strike, which can be used to close the distance between the Assassin and a potential victim. When the Assassin's passive skill is upgraded to Level 3, the Dagger is replaced by a Sword, which has better damage, a longer reach, and a different taunt from the Dagger. In all other respects, the Sword is identical to the Dagger and performs the same attacks.


  • The Assassin's Dagger is based on a curved, stylized version of a Japanese "Kunai" knife.
  • The Sword is also based on a Japanese design: the "Katana" backsword.
  • If the assassin wears the Cardboard Tube Samurai Gear, her blades will change to look like cardboard tubes. This, however, does not alter their damage potential.
  • If the assassin wears the Summer Gear, her blades will change to look like cooking utensils. This, however, does not alter their damage potential.