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A custom class is the same class as the regular but has new endorsements attached to it. The default classes you play with from the start of the game do have endorsements set for each of them, that suits their intend playstyle, but with a custom class, the player can choose how they want to play. A player can unlock their first Custom Class slot for $15,000, they can then buy 5 more for a total of 6 custom class slots at an increasing price, the last one costing $250,000.

To Create or Buy a custom class slot you go to, in the main menu or while in a lobby, the Locker Room, and then to Custom Class. After buying a class you select the slot. From there, you get to choose two things: What position the Custom Class will be (Assault, Tank, Assassin, etc.), and what Endorsements the Pro has. Endorsements have three levels of effectiveness: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. So, the first Endorsement (Gold) will have a much bigger impact on your gameplay than your second picked Endorsement (Silver). To see a complete list of available Endorsements, click here. A third option will allow you to name your third class, giving it a unique title on the Pro Select screen.

When you join a game, at the Character Select menu there should be a new option called Custom Class 1 (or whatever you renamed the Class to). When you scroll down to this character you can see your new endorsements on the right side of the screen. You cannot change your Endorsements in a playing game so it is a good idea to test them out in a Single-Player Blitz first.


  • Choose your Endorsements in the order of how much you want each one to help you.
  • Make more than one for each class if don't intend on playing all 6 classes, maybe depending on what arena you are playing or how your enemies/teammates are playing.
  • Test them out in Blitz or a private match first. You don't want to get into a match and realize it does not work how you thought it would.