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Pro's Information
Used by: Assassin
Slot: Two (Yellow)
Skill Type: Stealth
Skill Levels
Level 1: Low visibility while moving non-aggressively
2-second phase-in
Level 2: Increased Cloak Duration
1-second phase-in
Level 3: Further Increased Cloak Duration
Momentary phase-in
Extreme low visibility and skill regeneration while motionless
Attacking while cloaked is a Critical Shot
The Assassin's 'Y' skill(Q for pc), Cloak allows her to become partially invisible for a limited amount of time. The invisibility fades by varying degrees when moving, dashing, jumping; and based on the Assassin's proximity. Attacking, using a grapple, or throwing a Smoke Bomb will break invisibility. Upgrading this skill improves the Cloak in multiple ways.
  • Most basically, upgrading the Cloak increases the amount of time the Assassin can use the Cloak. At level 3, the Assassin can be practically invisible while she stands still. Meanwhile, the Cloak's skill meter will actually regenerate very slowly if the Assassin stands still while cloaked.
  • Initially, there is a two-second phase-in period when using the Cloak, meaning it takes two seconds to transition from fully visible to fully cloaked. Upgrading to Level 2 reduces this phase-in to one second. Upgrading again to level 3 allows the Assassin to cloak in and out on a moment's notice.
  • Also, attacking with any weapon from a Level 3 cloak automatically makes it critical (for the Shuriken Launcher, the effect on your shots lasts for about one second).

However, the Cloak is not perfect. It generates an audible hum when it is in use, allowing sharp-hearing enemies to detect your presence. When the assassin moves, there is a barely-noticeable distortion in the air (similar to what you see with cloaked Gremlins) that turns into a faint colored outline when in close proximity. Finally, the cloak can be spoiled in several ways.

  • Damaging the Assassin causes her shields to glow briefly through the Cloak, making her outline clearly visible.
  • Setting the Asssassin on fire (using a Bomb, Jet Gun, Jump Jets, etc.) will cause her head to burn like a candle, even with a Cloak on.
  • Cloaked Assassins can still be caught in Traps which will both hinder them and make their presence obvious.
  • ShaveIce turrets cover approaching enemies in snow. This snow shows on top of cloaked Assassins.

Note that unlike most skills, the Cloak does not need to be full in order to be used. It is always accessible so long as the skill's meter isn't empty.