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Chickey Cantor
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Chickey Cantor is a non-player character added to Monday Night Combat in the Uncle Tully's Funland update. Players can shoot him in the hopes that he will fly away, granting a Bacon-like buff for their whole team. You can also ride him (by grappling him) for a full 8 seconds to try and get a huge cash bonus.


The most obvious, but inefficient way to beat Chickey is to shoot him until his health reaches zero from far away while avoiding his attacks (you can also shoot him from outside his ring, he won't follow you around but you will it have to be careful to not be ambushed by incoming enemy Pros). This is extremely difficult to accomplish before his timer runs out and he flies away, however.

The best way to defeat Chickey is to grapple him. When he starts to spin, get ready to jump, as he's going to use a Slam attack which also stuns Chickey afterwards. This gives players a chance to grapple him, which deals 50% damage to Chickey. His self-stun doesn't last long, so players have to be swift in order to grapple him in time. Be sure to jump over the shockwave, or you will almost certainly get ringed out.

If you're a Gunner you can deploy to slow him down. Also, juiced players can deal massive damage to Chickey.

The Real Chickey Cantor


Chickey was inspired by a fan named Griffin and his family that let us name one of their chickens. Read the full story.



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