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This article is about the Assault class skill. For the similar Tank skill, see Jet Charge.
Pro's Information
Used by: Assault
Slot: Three (Red)
Skill Type: Direct/Grapple
Skill Levels
Level 1: High-Speed Dash
Body-Slams Enemies
Level 2: Increased Damage
Level 3: Further Increased Damage
Throwing Grapple Attack

Charge is an Assault skill that causes the Assault to fire his jetpack and surge forward, doing damage and knocking any enemy bot or pro into the air. Though the damage done is moderate, the primary use of Charge is to Ring Out opposing pros.

Upgrading the Charge skill increases the damage done, and, at level 3, adds a high-damage throwing Grapple on the first opponent hit by the Charge. Charge can be used while flying, but the Assault won't grapple opponents while airborne. The grapple has its own potential for Ringing Out a Pro, but there is also the chance of simply killing the Pro with the grapple itself, depending on the health of the Pro (for example, charge-grappling a Tank or Gunner is more conducive to a Ring Out than charge-grappling a Sniper or Assassin).

While Charge-Grappling has great potential for damage and Ringing-Out opponents, it loses some effectiveness as an escape tool at Level 3, as it will always grapple the first opponent the Assault collides with, instead of simply barreling through a crowd of opponents. Just remember that if you need to use your Charge 3 to escape, Fly first to disable the grapple.


  • If two Assaults charge each other with equal levels, they will bounce off each other without taking damage. This is true for all three levels, so no grapple would occur in this scenario.

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