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Hotshot Buzzer
Type Eliminator Bot
Armor Super light armor
Damage Heavy damage
Special Kamikaze attack, flying

"O...positive! These flying pests don't just want a drop or two of your blood, they want the whole ten pints! Look out for the Buzzers! You get a cookie when you're done!" ~ Mickey Cantor

Buzzers, spawned by Assaults during a Crossfire match, are fast and difficult to hit Eliminator Bots. They also deal enough damage with their suicide attack to kill injured Pros.


Health: 10
Lifespan: 20 seconds
Air Speed: 900
Detonation damage: 125
Detonation radius: 128
Damage vs Turrets: 750


Game appearances and behaviorEdit


See Category:Match-ups for class-specific strategies against Buzzers.
  • Buzzers can be spawned by Assaults in Crossfire Mode
  • Running by friendly turrets can help kill buzzers
  • Buzzers never come alone even in Crossfire, so if you see one Buzzer, expect to see more following suit.
  • If you are playing as an Assault in Crossfire, and you have some spare cash, invest in a Buzzer swarm because if you're lucky, you may get an extra kill.
  • Rapid fire weapons such as the Assault's Assault Rifle or the Gunner's Minigun, can easily take down Buzzers.
  • The Supports heal/hurt gun can take them down in one burst. Good for when you are separated from your turrets.
  • It's usually never a good idea to slash at the Buzzers as the Assassin as you may inflict the damage upon yourself.
  • Buzzers make a distinct buzzing noise like a swarm of bees, if you hear them find some cover or a turret to have a better chance.
  • If the enemy team is hiding on higher up platforms than you, you can scare them off with a few buzzers
  • If Buzzers explode near a Moneyball or the opposite, the shield might get breached, leaving it vulnerable. Although, as they often get stuck, this is not an issue in crossfire as of now. This is more likely to occur in The Scramble, where they'll target the Moneyball if there's nothing else to attack.