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Bots are game-controlled non-player characters (NPCs). They automatically fight their way across the map to attack the other team and their Moneyball, or in Blitz mode, the only Moneyball. In Crossfire only bots can destroy the shielding protecting the other team's ball.

Hotshot Slim.png Hotshot BlackJack.png Hotshot Buzzer.png Hotshot Gremlin.png Hotshot Scrambler.png Hotshot Gapshot.png Hotshot Bouncer.png Hotshot Jackbot.png
Slim Black Jack Buzzer Gremlin Scrambler GapShot Bouncer JackBot XL

Categories of Robots[]

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There are two categories of robots and eight total robots.

Breach Bots follow a visible, set path from their spawner to the enemy Moneyball. They will fire at enemy Pros or turrets along the way, but will only stop to engage other Breach Bots that are blocking their path. When they reach the Moneyball, they jump onto it (or fire at it in the case of the Jackbot) and breach the shields, causing it to fall, exposed to most attacks.

Eliminator Bots pick an enemy Pro and go after that Pro until their target is dead, moving on to a new target afterwards. If there are no Pros, Eliminator Bots attack enemy turrets. They will only attack the Moneyball if there are no nearby turrets or Pros to engage.

Robots can be spawned by players at their own spawners for a cost. The type of robots spawned depends on what class spawns them.

Breach Bots

Eliminator Bots
Slim Buzzer
Black Jack Gremlin
Scrambler GapShot
JackBot XL Bouncer

Types of Robots[]

  • Slim - Light armor and light ranged damage
  • Black Jack - Moderate armor, moderate ranged damage, and melee (if Pros get too close).
  • Buzzer - Flying, super light armor and heavy damage, kamikaze (suicide) attack
  • Gremlin - Cloaking, moderately-light armor and heavy damage, melee attack (turrets hardly kill these).
  • Scrambler - Skill Draining Aura, moderately-light armor and moderate damage, melee attack
  • GapShot - Artillery bot, light armor and heavy long-ranged damage
  • Bouncer - Heavy armor and heavy damage, grapple or melee attack
  • JackBot XL - Boss bot, super heavy armor and heavy damage, ground slam ability (can be grappled by Assassin or Sniper).

Spawning Robots[]

A Crossfire Spawn Robot switch.

During a Crossfire match, the Bot Spawns on each lane have a node with the outline of a Black Jack on it. If a Pro walks up to it, the node will reveal itself to be a Spawn Robot switch, asking for $100 and a 30-second cooldown in exchange for the generation of one or more Eliminator Bots. Each Pro can spawn a single type of robot.

The Sniper could originally only spawn one Scrambler at a time. Recent updates have raised that number to two and now three.

Any Pro Kills made by these Bots will be credited to the Pro who spawned them. Kills made by Black Jacks, Slims, and (in Spunky Cola Arena) automatically-spawned Bouncers will go uncredited.