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Pro's Information
Used by: Assault
Slot: One (Blue)
Skill Type: Grenade
Skill Levels
Level 1: Remote-Detonated Explosive
Level 2: Improved Damage and Blast Radius
Level 3: Better Damage and Radius Improvements

The Bomb is an Assault skill that deploys a small, remotely-detonated bundle of high-explosive. The device is thrown by the Assault, although the distance it can be thrown is less than that of the Support's Airstrike.The Bomb skill is activated by pressing "LSHIFT" key. While deployed, a blue icon resembling a bundle of dynamite will appear on screen, reminding the player that they have deployed their Bomb, and the general location of where they left it. The Assault is able to trigger the bomb at a time of his choosing by pressing the corresponding skill key, dealing damage and causing moderate knock-back to all Pros, Bots, and Turrets in the area (including himself, if he is careless). In addition, any pros caught in the blast with be lit on fire, and continue to take damage until the flames go out. Bombs can be "stuck" to any opponent Bot or Pro and will do significantly more damage when detonated after being stuck (the "Head Crab" Highlight can be earned by sticking a Pro with a Bomb). Other players can see the bomb when it is deployed and hear its distinct beeping sound when near it, but cannot force its detonation in any way, even with their own explosive weapons. A deployed bomb will disappear, however, if the Assault who deployed it dies before detonating it.

Upgrades improve the damage and blast radius of the Bomb.

Clever Assault players can make use of the Bomb's knockback to propel themselves upwards or forwards at high speed, in exchange for taking damage from the Bomb. The distance that can be covered by 'bomb-jumping' is significantly greater than the ground either Fly or Charge can cover. However, the technique is hazardous due to the damage from the aforementioned blast and the fall damage from landing. Assaults with quick reaction time can deploy their jets to hover just above the ground for a moment, mitigating the fall damage they would otherwise endure.

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