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MNC Four Players

Take on Blitz with up to four players over Xbox Live.

Blitz is only avaiable in Monday Night Combat while in Super MNC it might return under the name of Danger Zone.

Blitz mode allows players to defend their Moneyball against armies of Bots in two player splitscreen, or four player co-op over Xbox Live or Steam. During various Blitz challenges, players can spend money earned by destroying bots to build defensive Turrets around the Moneyball, upgrade one of six unique character classes, or set off robot crushing environment hazards.

The Challenges vary from a ten round Exhibition Blitz to endless robot waves of ever increasing difficulty in Sudden Death Blitz. Money earned from each Challenge goes into a persistent Lifetime Earnings that allows players to unlock over 370 ProTags, create Custom Classes, and gain ranks on Leaderboards.

Blitz TypesEdit


Main article: Exhibition Blitz
  • Rounds: 10
  • Intensity: Light

A very easy game really. If played right, you don't even need any turrets.


Main article: Season Blitz
  • Rounds: 20
  • Intensity: Moderate

This is significantly more challenging. Two players are recommended, though one can complete it solo given enough experience.

Playoff BlitzEdit

Main article: Playoff Blitz
  • Rounds: 30
  • Intensity: Heavy

Teamwork as well as a thorough understanding of the game are essential in order to survive the full force of the Bots in the Playoff Blitz, though an exceptionaly skilled player can beat Playoff alone.

The ScrambleEdit

Main article: The Scramble
  • Rounds: 10
  • Intensity: Crazy

The rounds are long and consist only of eliminator bots and their waves are more menacing than those of Sudden Death. Buzzer waves are nearly impossible to survive without proper aiming.

Sudden DeathEdit

Main article: Sudden Death Blitz
  • Rounds: Infinite
  • Intensity: Insane

You get the Ironman ProTag for making it to round 30. (Computer Version Only)

Super Sudden DeathEdit

  • Rounds: Infinite
  • Intensity: Ludicrous

Super Sudden Death features a different arena, The Survivitol Arena.


  • When playing Blitz mode, it is often helpful have at least one Support to lay down a powerful Firebase turret and help heal other Pros and Turrets.
  • RockIt turrets are somewhat expensive at the beginning, but are a good investment in the center earlier, when they're less likely to die.
  • During the Scramble, ShaveIce turrets are invaluable for keeping track of and slowing the movement of Gremlins.
  • Remember to check on turrets outside the walls of the arena, they can be easily destroyed without you ever knowing.
  • Use the Annihilator if your team is having troubles pushing the bots away. It's also worth saving for a wave of Jackbots as it does major damage to them at once.


Blitz is played in Sprintz Arena except for Super Sudden Death Blitz, which is held in Survivitol Arena.