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This page describes a hazard in Super MNC. For the classic MNC version visit Annihilator (MNC).

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Annihilator of SMNC

The Annihilator is a large half sphere shaped satellite hovering above the arena.

The Annihilator recharges every 5 minutes after it is used and costs $1000. The switch for the Annihilator is located in the jungle, and has a cooldown ring to display how much time is left until it will be active again. During this time, the activator is exposed to enemy fire or jungle bots and must be protected to complete the animation. Grapples, knockback, and stuns will end the animation prematurely. When activated, it will destroy all enemy bots and jungle bots in the arena, as well as damage enemy Pros for a massive amount of damage.

The Annihilator can easily change the tide of a battle, letting you more easily push turrets and the Moneyball, and deal with enemy Pros. Likewise, letting the enemy push their lanes far enough will negate the advantage the Annihilator would give to the team that gets it.


The Annihilator poses a large gain for any team manages to use it, meaning both teams will be fighting ruthlessly over it. As such, there is a formula that teams follow as the fight for the Annihilator intensifies:

  • Defenders will want to go to the Annihilator and set up a defense early to secure a team advantage in regards to area denial. Defenders can also clear out any jungle bots and shoot Bullseye for cash and prizes for themselves. Support has the strongest area denial of all Defenders, making him a key choice in securing the Annihilator.
  • Commandos and Strikers can go to the Annihilator and clear out any jungle bots as well as Defenders attempting to set up early. Without backup, Defenders will be killed easily, paving the way for your own Defenders to set up.
  • Enforcers and Sharpshooters will typically be the last to go to the Annihilator. Enforcers push the enemy from taking the Annihilator with their massive damage and health, but are quickest to fall due to being a large target. Sharpshooters offer long-range support but are easily cleared by a Pro that sneaks up on them.

Annihilators are only useful if your team takes it quickly. If the battle rages on too long, the enemy team can push their lanes far enough to where the advantage that the Annihilator would've granted is nullified.