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Achievements are rewards that can be earned by completing certain in-game challenges and goals in Monday Night Combat.

The Xbox Live Arcade version includes 12 achievements for a total of 200 points. The Steam version includes these as well as additional achievements reaching a total of 51 achievements for the PC version.

Note that each of these Achievements also corresponds to an in-game ProTag, usually of the same name.

Monday Night Combat AchievementsEdit

These achievements are included in both the Steam and Xbox360 versions of Monday Night Combat.

Icon Name Description Reward
ACH Sacker Sacker Achieve 15 kills in a Crossfire match 10 Gamerscore
ACH KILLSTREAK Hot Streak Achieve a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match 10 Gamerscore
ACH EXHIBITOR Exhibitor Complete "Exhibition" Blitz mode 10 Gamerscore
ACH VET Seasoned Veteran Complete "Season" Blitz mode 15 Gamerscore
ACH ALLSTAR All Star Complete "Playoff" Blitz mode 15 Gamerscore
ACH RINGER Outta My House! Achieve a Ring Out during a Crossfire match 20 Gamerscore
ACH GRAPPLER Grappler Achieve 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match 20 Gamerscore
ACH PANCAKE Flapjack Master Achieve a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground Slam ability 20 Gamerscore
ACH MVP MVP Achieve Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire match 20 Gamerscore
ACH ELUSIVE Elusive Complete "The Scramble" Blitz mode 20 Gamerscore
ACH NAPPIN Caught 'em Nappin Achieve a kill on an opposing player while they are upgrading skills in a Crossfire match 20 Gamerscore
ACH TRIPLE 3-fer Achieve a Triple Kill 20 Gamerscore

These achievements are currently only available on Steam.

Icon Name Description
ACH Zero Ground Zero Attach a Support Air Strike Beacon to an enemy Pro
ACH Great All Time Great Score a 6 Kill Multikill
ACH Uber Uber Streak Score a 25 Kill Streak
ACH Attention Center of Attention Score 2500 Kills with Assault's Rifle
ACH Draw The Draw Score 2500 Kills with Support's Heal/Hurt Gun
ACH Keep Keep 'Em Down Score 2500 Kills with the Gunner's Minigun or Dual Minigun
ACH Red Red Hot Score 2500 Kills with the Tank's Jet Gun
ACH Drop Drop The Boom Score 2500 Kills with the Sniper Rifle
ACH Ninja Ninja Score 2500 Kills with the Assassin's Dagger or Sword
ACH Bacon Bacon Hunter Collect 100 Bacon Pickups
ACH 9000 Over 9000 Recieve over $9000 in lifetime earnings after a Crossfire Match
ACH Leader Team Leader Score the most kills in a single Crossfire Match
ACH Player Team Player Score the most assists in a single Crossfire Match
ACH XL Strike It XL Score 2 Jackbot Kills in a single Crossfire Match
ACH crab Head Crab Attach an Assault Bomb to an enemy Pro
ACH Humi Humiliation Score a Kill with a melee attack
ACH Spin Spin N Juice Score a Kill with the Jet Gun's alternate fire spin while juiced
ACH Candy I Got Candy! Pickup a total of 100 prizes is one match
Overdose Overdose Use Juice 7 times in one match
ACH Ringout Ringouts Score 150 Ringouts
ACH Getout Get Out Of Here Score 150 Ejector Kills
ACH Pewpew Pew Pew Build or Upgrade a Lazer Blazer Turret 500 times
ACH Stand Stand N Deliver Build or Upgrade a RockIt Turret 500 times
ACH Speed Speed Kills Build or Upgrade a ShaveIce Turret 500 times
ACH Breach Into The Breach Destroy 2500 Lazer Blazer Turrets
ACH Armor Break The Armor Destroy 2500 RockIt Turrets
ACH Hell Hell Mary Destroy 2500 Long Shot Turrets
ACH Global Global Warming Destroy 2500 ShaveIce Turrets
ACH Break Big Break Score 100,000 Kills on Slim Bots
ACH House House Wins Score 100,000 Kills on Black Jacks
ACH Bzzz Bzzz Score 100,000 Kills on Buzzers
ACH Thrown Thrown Out Score 2500 Kills on Bouncers
ACH Lich Lich Score 2500 Kills on Scramblers
ACH G G's Score 100,000 Kills on Gremlins
ACH Ground Ground Rule Score 2500 Kills on Gap Shots
ACH Grand Grand Prize Score 1000 Kills on Jackbot XLs
ACH Rook Rookie Finish the Tutorial
ACH Sacker All Star Sacker Score 30 Kills in a Crossfire Match
ACH Bay Bayheimer Cool guys don't look at explosions

Super Monday Night Combat AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description
ACH Rookie Rookie Agent Achieve Agent Level 5
ACH Vet Veteran Agent Achieve Agent Level 10
ACH Pro Pro Agent Achieve Agent Level 15
ACH Allstar All-Star Agent Achieve Agent Level 20

Rookie Agent rewards the player with Gunslingers hat The Flamingo Kid in Team fortress 2 use by the Sniper

Veteran Agent rewards the player with a TF2 Engineer style costume for Combat Girl in Super MNC

Pro Agent rewards the player with a TF2 Soldier style costume and weapon for Megabeth in Super MNC

All-Star Agent rewards the player with Assassins helmet Triclops in TF2 used by the Pyro