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There are plenty of reasons to register! In fact, you would be quite silly if you chose to even not consider such thing.

Below are a few reasons that might interest you in registering:

  • You will have your own name, not just a random IP address. Editors who casually browse around the recent changes rise an eyebrow when they see an edit by an anonymous as anybody can just come around and vandalize pages as they please.
  • We shall always be there to assist you. Not only the administrators, but the entire user base will always be happy to guide you when you have a problem! You can easily find us at the chat or the community portal, right after you register, of course.
  • Do you like customizing or writing about yourself? A user page is, well, a page. But it's not just any page, it's a page about you! You can add all sorts of stuff to it, such as your level in SMNC or who is your favorite pro. A user page allows you to easily describe who you truly are, and you might as well add some pictures of your characters to show us.
  • A talk page will be automatically added to your user page. With it, people can communicate with you by leaving off messages to assist you or gives you a thumbs up for all the efforts you've done to the MNC Wiki! Likewise, you can use other people's message walls to ask them for help.
  • A wise WikiAngel once said, "A user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions". We follow that and believe such, which is why there is a contribution log created just for you, so that you can go back and look how much you've experienced, improved, and/or helped the MNC Wiki. It's not about the count, but the effort, and that log will be there to remind you of that.
  • Annoyed by advertisement? When you register, there's an option of your preferences which will disable some of the annoying adverts and CAPACHA. Stop punishing yourself, by the time you enter a CAPACHA, you could have registered already.

If you haven't already registered, what are you waiting for? Go register now! We promise to award you with a bundle of all available pros!

GG Stack: "Registered users will obtain their promised pro bundle upon become a lifeless entity of achieving level 100 within 5 seconds after registering to the MNC wiki. People that stop grinding at level 99 at 99.99% percent to abuse the chance will be considered a fraud and be forced to be chased down and stalked by Wascot."

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